Bending of sheet metal
for industry, construction, engineering
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cost of work:
We work on the machine Yangli QC12Y 6-2500
Allowable metal thickness when guillotine cutting:
Black Metal thickness is 1-6 mm, with a width up to 2500 mm
Stainless steel thickness 1.5-6 mm, with a width of up to 2500 mm
Perform work on the cutting of metal residents and businesses in the city of Dnieper. If necessary, our design engineer will help with the drawings and documentation for the release of your product or its adaptation to specifications and other conditions.
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The cost of cutting depends on the type of metal and its thickness. Leave a request and our managers will advise you on all issues and quickly calculate the cost of the order. And our experienced design engineers will help you with the documentation and in the development of drawings for your products.

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